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HC precast system comprises of a series of precast wall panels, which are generally designed as load bearing wall system, and interconnected with cast in-situ joints or columns. The in-situ joints are reinforced in accordance to structural requirement and they provide the stability to the building, at the same time eliminate the possibility of ingress of water. These in-situ joints can also act as columns to support heavily loaded beams and allow a hybrid system of conventional and precast structural system to be achieved.


  • External wall panels are designed with attractive architectural features
  • Size of precast wall panels can be varied in width, as well as height, to suit any architectural or structural design requirements
  • Length and size of columns can be adjusted according to architectural and structural requirements
  • Precast wall panels allow flexibility of making certain openings, such as windows or doors
  • The column moulds are formed with attractive architecture curves and give the wall and column intersection an attractive architrave
  • By casting the in-situ columns, the wall and columns form an integral and strong structural member
  • Moulds can be delivered to the project site to minimize the transportation costs


The advantages of HC Precast System are as follows :

  • Various sizes of wall panels can be erected and the alignment of precast wall panels can be easily controlled by placing the timber markers for the precast walls to be seated. In this manner, the central line control of the precast wall panels can be achieved
  • Any slight out of alignment of the wall panels can be easily concealed with the cast-in-situ columns/joints
  • The cast in-situ columns and precast wall panels form an integral and strong structural element
  • The cast in-situ columns prevent any possible ingress of water
  • The cast in-situ columns and flexibility of the wall panel make this system adaptable to most existing design and hence provide versatility for architects to plan the layout
  • The column moulds consist of various combination of the standard modules – hence allowing the flexibility of achieving various column sizes
  • The width and height of the precast wall panels can be adjusted
  • Minimal touching up is required as there is column and wall joints are formed with smooth formwork system
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