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Patented in Malaysia and the United States, the HC PRECAST SYSTEM is an innovation pioneered locally by and named after the company following its inception in 2002. HC Precast System is a very innovative and revolutionary precast panel and building system. This system provides easy standardization, speedier construction, cost effectiveness, high quality finish and enhanced façade design.

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HC Precast System has the capability to maintain the originality of the architect’s drawings AND, at the same time, the ability to address challenges, e.g., amendments or design changes, and resolve critical construction issues.

Citing a production capacity of 3,000 units of 3m x 3m panels per month (off-site) and 40 panels per day (72-hour cycle) per team (on-site), HC Precast System production capability is set at building 2,000 units of single-storey houses per year, based on HC Precast’s existing facilities.

The Company


HC Precast System Sdn Bhd (HC) has been formed to carry out design, supply of precast system formwork and construction of precast buildings. The company has developed and owned the proprietary HC Precast System. The patent has been approved in US under US 6,829,870B2. The company received its patent No. MY-124213-A in 2006 and patent No. MY-139712-A in 2009 in Malaysia.


  • Easy standardisation
  • Speedier construction
  • Cost effectiveness
  • High quality finish
  • Enhanced façade design
  • Unlimited flexibility in design
  • Suit to any existing architectural layout design
  • No problem with ingress of water through vertical joints
  • No plastering is required

Time Frame
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