Features & Advantages Adding Value Range of Products

Panel Installation Sequence of Panel Delivery Quality Assurance

Added Value to the Client / Customer

  • Early delivery
  • Cost benefit to early possession & function
  • Less defects, reduce maintenance cost
  • Reduce risk of delay and variations

Added Value to the Consultant Team

  • Time saving for early production of design due to useable conventional design methodology
  • HC Precast System can suit to any conventional design without limitation, unlike the standard production system which requires designer to suit the design
  • Production of 3 dimensional (3D) drawing by the system can detect early problems, reduce risk of variations
  • Minimum supervision

Added Value to the Construction Team

  • Leaner project chart – project is divided into sub-projects, less time of construction
  • Project is structured for easy to monitor
  • Does not require special grade of concrete  at the wet joint areas
  • Less cold-joints increase benefits to structural integrity
  • Does not require grouting to increase structural joints integrity
  • Minimum mistakes due to early detection before construction
  • Reduce manual labor requirement and less depended foreign workers
  • Reduce overhead cost
  • Environmental friendly
Time Frame
Interior Design



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